At Serendipity we have trained skin professionals to help provide up-to-date, practical and relevant information and treatment options for all people affected by acne.

Whether you get it as a teenager or adult, acne is a medical skin condition that can have huge physical and emotional impacts, but it can be successfully managed and treated if you have access to the right treatments and information. Acne can lead to secondary skin issues such as pitting and scarring causing long term impacts long after the active acne has gone.

We have a variety of treatments available that have been tried and tested over time demonstrating real visible results and relief from a wide range of acne conditions.

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La Clinica Acne Treatment

To deep cleanse, treat and manage acne conditions. This treatment assists wiht the clearing of eruptions, pustules and control of acne. The treatment products use a combination of Vitamin A, deep cleansing clays and plant esences and multi fruit acids to assist in clearing breakouts and soothing stressed skin.


AZYME RETINOL PEEL (30 min) $155 (50 min) $175
The power house of all anti-ageing treatment. This fast acting, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-ageing ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump your skin. Works quickly to dramatically diminish fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and improve overall skin luminosity.

MANDELIC PERFORMANCE PEEL (30 min) $120 (50 min) $140
This Mandelic Acid Peel utilises AHAs to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production. With proven anti-ageing ingredient Niacinamide and potent anti-oxidant Clove Oil, this peel improves surface congestion and reduces inflammation.

Deeply cleanses pores to clear congestion and calm irritation. Perfect acne busting treatment.

LED light treatments provide non-invasive preventative and corrective treatment using the entire visible light spectrum. Red and Blue lights will strengthen an acne prone skin, whilst also being extremely antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

IPL Call us for a Quote
IPL uses white light to treat the p.acne bacteria on the skin. It is also very healing and anti-inflammatory. It assists in the reduction of scarring often associated with acne prone skin and reduces redness.

An intense resurfacing treatment which removes dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new vibrant skin (not suitable for cystic/open acne)

$299 per treatment or $500 for two treatments paid upfront.
Skin Needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps you restore collagen and elastin through a natural healing process and is one of our best treatments for Acne Scarring.