Tint & Tidy Kit


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Keep your brows maintained at home with our Tint & Tidy kit!


  • Customised tint
  • Activator
  • Mascara wand
  • Disposable applicator
  • Cotton rounds
  • Cotton tips
  • Brow code imitations pencil (valued at $38)
  • Brow code Precision tweezers (Valued at $38)

Brow Code’s Imitations pencil features a micro tip specifically designed to mimic a natural, detailed hair-like stroke. Apply to brows directly to precisely fill in, define and add colour best by stroking in an upward direction from the bottom of the brow. Use the spoolie end before and/or after to comb through your brows for a finished look. The formula is water and sweat resistant.

The Brow Code tweezer range has been custom-made and designed for you to style your brow just like the professionals do. The point tweezer is specifically used to grip and remove short stubborn hairs to create a clean and precise look.


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Light Brown, Light brown/Natural brown mix, Natural/Dark brown