Sensitive Skin Soothing Protection Moisture Replenishing Mask



A rich, creamy replenishing moisture mask to restore hydration and softness to all skin types. Packed with natural goodness to form a protective layer to help skin retain suppleness. Ideal for skin that has been exposed to temperature extremes (sun, snow, wind, air conditioning, and heating). Use as a body butter when skin is extra dry and in need of a powerfully hydrating treatment.

This comprehensive formulation combines soothing plant derived ingredients with cosmeceutical actives to build up the skin’s tolerance to external stimulation and alleviate sensitive skin conditions such as irritated and inflamed skin.

Sensitive skin is generally classified into three groups:

Group 1: Low barrier function. Alteration of the skin’s barrier function with high TEWL and abnormal desquamation.

Group 2: Inflammation; presence of inflammation, but normal barrier function

Group 3: Neurosensitive group normal barrier function, no inflammation, but exaggeration on the nerve response in the skin.

Apply a generous amount of this mask onto cleansed skin, including the eye area, lips and neck. Lie back and relax.
Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes.
Remove with dry LA CLINICA facial cloth.
There is no need to wash this mask off. Use as often as required.

Size: 100ml