Rebalancing Vitamin A Skin Detox Facial Exfoliating Scrub and Mask


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A multi-functional, invigorating, skin luminosity exfoliating scrub mask to treat and rebalance skin, clarify complexion and hydrate. Ideal for hormonally challenged skin, jet-lag and pollution.

This multi-tasking product has 3 main actions –

ACTION 1 – Exfoliates away dead skin cells, impurities and softens skin.

ACTION 2 – Detoxes by drawing away pollutants on the skin.

ACTION 3 – Rebalances and restores radiance, hydration and soften to skin.

STEP 1 – Apply onto cleansed, wet skin using moistened fingertips. Massage using light pressure in continuous, circular motion for up to 2 minutes. Avoid eye area.

STEP 2 – Let the ingredients help detox the skin while you leave the mask on for up to 10 minutes.

STEP 3 – Recommence circular massage with moistened fingertips for another minute then rinse off thoroughly with warm water and LA CLINICA cloth. Follow with application of LA CLINICA moisture cream.

Size: 125g