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At Serendipity Medi Spa we take treating your skin very seriously. Whether your desire is to relax and rejuvenate or to treat a particular skin condition that concerns you, our expert Therapists have the perfect solution. Because we have built our reputation on being experts in skin, we offer a full diagnostic Skin Analysis System and have ongoing training in this field to ensure you receive the correct advice and treatments available on today’s market.


Our Therapists will analyse your skin, then in consultation with you recommend a programme of treatments and home care products selected specifically for your skin’s requirements.

We specialise in:

  • Age Management Treatments
  • Acne prone Skin Conditions
  • Pigmentation and Uneven Skin tone
  • Microdermabrasion Exfoliation
  • Skin Peels
  • Sun Damaged Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Firming & Toning Solutions
  • Relaxation and Pampering Packages
  • All aspects of traditional Beauty Therapy Services

We are sponsored by Payot a leading Cosmeceutical Salon only Product and Ultraceuticals a leading Pharmaceutical Salon only Product.

Introductory Facial $75

This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a specially chosen treatment masque. A face and eye product best suited to your skins current condition will be applied finishing off with a home care plan specifically designed for you.

Payot Deluxe Facial (approx 70 min) $125

A comprehensive treatment intended to tone and re-energise the skin,eliminate toxins and relax muscles.Skin cells are stimulated and surface microcirculation is boosted, this facial will give you optimum cleansing and deep hydration.Included are a face,neck and shoulder massage. Using intensive booster serums and customised treatment masques, your skin will simply glow with radiance while you feel vitally refreshed.

Specialised Payot Masque Facials start from $140

Pure White Experience $145

A treatment with an instant radiance effect. A total beauty experience that treats and regulates pigmentation.

Hydra Experience $145

Payot invites you to discover a new beauty experience for exceptional results. A moisturising foam with cornflower petals to restore hydration, radiance and freshness.

Lift Absolute $150

A unique treatment that instantly and visibly fixes the loss of firmness and elasticity to restore the volume and up lift the face and neck contours. Visibly firms the skin and provides immediate tightening effect.

My Payot Experience $140

An energising treatment made from a cocktail of super fruits. A unique moment of relaxation and energy.

Solution Ultra Lift – MATRI LIFT $145

An anti-ageing treatment for mature skin with immediate “lifting” effect. The latest ant-ageing solution that smooths the skin by treating a loss of firmness and elasticity.

Solution Cica Expert $140

A healing and restorative treatment for all skin types. Comprehensive treatment with soothing and draining properties thanks to the draining massage. A restorative mask with nourishing and regenerating effects.

Solution Techni Liss $145

The “New Skin” effect. A comprehensive treatment with a professional AHA peeling and a rebalancing, repairing mask.

Puri Solution $140

A purifying, balancing treatment for combination or oily skin, combining a heating scrub with a peel off mask to perfectly purify the skin.

Nutri Solution $140

A nutritive care that brings suppleness and softness to soothe dry skins that lack comfort. Immediately, the skin is soft and plumped. The complexion is luminous and the radiance revived.

Supreme Jeunesse $155

A 90 minute anti-ageing treatment experience to act simultaneously on wrinkles, slackening skin, dull complexion and dark spots. Exceptional attention for this complete programme: a pearl scrub, the famous 42 movement Massage, a mask with silver pigments, a complete treatment for a truly exceptional experience.

Payot Optimale Facial Treatment (approx 60 min) $130

Men’s skin has very specific needs.It is firm and thick and in order to support its intense cellular activity it needs energy.It is often oily and secretes a lot of sebum- it needs to be purified.It is exposed to irritation on a regular basis(particularly through shaving)and is more acidic. Optimale is a range designed specifically for Men and their skin conditions and is used in this amazing treatment that will optimize the skin’s cell and enzyme activity.It includes a face, neck and shoulder massage to leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Ultraceuticals VitaPeel $120

VitaPeel resurfaces the skin to reveal a fresher, healthier looking complexion.VitaPeel interrupts the skins barrier, preparing it for effective transdermal absorption of Vitamin A and C Treatment creams and helps accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliating process.

Mandellic and Lactic Peels Start from $110

Azyme and BHA Peels start from $155

Accelerator Mask $135

Contains a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents. Ultra Brightening Accelerator Masks work rapidly to break down pigmentation.

HOMECARE is vital to accelerate the results of any of these treatments and it may be recommended that you begin using some of the products before receiving any of the more active treatments to maximise results and prepare your skin.




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